Order of Service Design: Bringing Comfort to Grieving Hearts

In times of loss, finding solace in thoughtful design is a powerful way to honour cherished memories. With over 10 years of experience in graphic design and a passion for creating meaningful tributes, I specialise in crafting designs that go beyond the ordinary. Every piece is a heartfelt reflection of the unique lives we celebrate.

Tailored Services for Funeral Homes

You play a pivotal role in guiding families through moments of profound loss. Every detail matters when it comes to honouring a life, and I’m here to complement the invaluable service you provide. 

Unique Designs for Meaningful Farewells

Designs that blend artistic flair with an understanding of the emotional nuances surrounding loss. Whether it’s a classic and dignified design or a more contemporary and personalised touch, each creation is crafted to bring comfort and honour to grieving hearts.

Elevate Memorial Services with Thoughtful Designs

I take the time to understand the unique stories and personalities, weaving them into elements of the order of service. The result is not just a printed piece but a heartfelt tribute that resonates with those who matter most.

Crafting Tributes:
Your Design Partner

I understand the delicate nature of conversations with grieving families. You can trust me to approach each interaction with compassion, providing a supportive presence during their difficult time. All designs come with unlimited revisions, allowing us to fine-tune every detail until it perfectly captures the essence of their loved one.  


I understand that funeral homes come in various sizes, each with its unique needs. My services are designed to be scalable, ensuring that I can cater to the requirements of both small and large funeral homes. Whether you’re a smaller, community-focused establishment or a larger, more expansive facility, my commitment remains the same—to provide personalised, high-quality designs that honour the memories of those being remembered.

Absolutely! Your business and the families you serve are my top priority. I am able to work on multiple designs simultaneously to meet your needs. I believe in delivering quality and personalised service to each client. While I can handle bulk orders, I’m also committed to ensuring that the attention to detail and dedication to each design are maintained. My goal is to provide a seamless and thoughtful experience for both you and the families you serve. If you have specific requirements or timelines, let’s discuss them, and we can find the best way to meet your needs without compromising on the quality of service.

I’m all about flexibility to suit your needs! You can choose the level of involvement that works best for you. I’m more than happy to directly liaise with the families as an extension of your business, or if you prefer to be the middleperson, that works too. The key details I need for each order of service include the name, date of birth, date of passing, service details (date, location, and time), the order of events, hymns, readings, and any personalised elements. Providing this information in a Word document for each person is ideal, but I’m flexible and can adapt to your preferred method.

I aim to deliver the first draft within 24 hours, and subsequent revisions are completed promptly, typically within 24 hours of receiving feedback. These timelines are based on a “worst-case scenario” when I’m at full capacity, but in most cases, drafts and revisions are turned around even faster. My commitment is to provide a smooth and efficient process, ensuring that each design reflects the uniqueness of the individual being honoured. Let’s work together to create meaningful and personalised order of service designs for the families you serve.

For every design project, I provide unlimited revisions. Ensuring your satisfaction is paramount, as the order of service stands as a significant and heartfelt tribute. This flexibility allows for any necessary adjustments or updates, ensuring that the final product meets your expectations and reflects the unique essence of each service. Whether it’s additional details, changes, or new ideas that arise, I’m here to collaborate and adapt. Your peace of mind is my priority, and I’m committed to delivering designs that uphold the standards of your funeral home. Let’s work together to create impactful and personalised tributes for the families you serve.

Absolutely! I understand the importance of respecting and honouring diverse religious and cultural traditions. While my designs are crafted to be versatile and inclusive, I also value the uniqueness of each ceremony. If there are specific religious or cultural elements to incorporate, I’m more than happy to work closely with you to ensure the designs align perfectly with the family’s traditions. I’m open to receiving guidance or suggestions to make the designs culturally sensitive. My goal is to create order of service designs that resonate with the rich tapestry of traditions and customs, ensuring a meaningful and respectful representation for every family.

I aim to capture the essence of each individual’s story. The key details I require for each order of service include the person’s name, date of birth, date of passing, and service details (date, location, and time). Additionally, sharing the order of events, hymns, readings, and any personalised elements the family wishes to include is crucial. For the cover, at least one photo is needed, and I have the capability to enhance the resolution slightly if required. If possible, sharing a bit about the person—their interests, hobbies, or personality traits—allows me to infuse these elements into the design, making it a more meaningful representation. These insights help me create designs that not only celebrate a life but also resonate with the uniqueness of the individual.

Making the process seamless for you is my priority. Once the design is completed, you’ll receive two PDF files—one with bleed and crop marks, and another without. To facilitate easy access, these files will be securely placed in a OneDrive folder dedicated to your business. You can download them from there at your convenience.

Additionally, if you prefer a hassle-free printing process, I offer printing services through my trusted partner, with whom I’ve collaborated for over three years. The standard option includes 300gsm silk stock, and I’m happy to discuss other available options to suit your preferences. My goal is to provide a comprehensive service that not only delivers exceptional designs but also ensures a smooth and efficient experience from creation to the final product. Let me know if there are specific details or preferences you’d like to discuss further.

Designs That Speak Volumes in Times of Silence

Together, we can ensure that the memories and legacies entrusted to your care are honored with the dignity and respect they deserve. Because in these moments, every detail matters, and every tribute should be as unique as the life it commemorates.

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